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2021 - what a year has this been!

2021 brought with itself a ray of hope after the pandemic of 19-20. With vaccinations available and students coming back to school, there was a new kind of excitement and enthusiasm in the air.

We at Strem HQ were also able to start our in- person robotics classes back up along with afterschool clubs at many of our local schools, and what a joy it was to see kids back in action again and willing to learn.

2021 started with our senior robotics team Arcturus winning GA state championships in the Ultimate Goal season.

Our FLL team Polaris also won the Champion award in the Replay season at the Circuit runner regionals.

Our student achievements made us super proud -Angad Singh won the GA Tech fair competition, Arsh S. started internship at the Fermilab particle accelerator laboratory and research using his python skills and was a semi finalist in Deans list 2021 season, Jhanvi R. topped in math at her school.

There are many more super achievers amongst our students and we are proud of each and everyone of you!

2021 ended with a bang as well with our FLL team Pi-rates winning the Motivate award and our FLL team Polaris winning the Champion award at Walton regionals in the Cargo connect season.

Congratulations to parents, without your support and encouragement this would not have been possible.

We want to thank all the parents and guardians for being a big support for Strem HQ Tech academy and for believing in our team.

Wish you all a lot of success in 2022!!


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