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STREM HQ Parent Handbook / FAQ

Q. What is your plan for summer 2024 summer camps?

A. We are hosting In-person and Virtual Tech Camps all summer long. These camps will include most of the fun coding, media, robotics and engineering options which are available for in person.

Q. What is your refund policy ?

A. To receive full refund all cancellations must be advised in writing ( email to with your order number) 21 days before camp start date. All refunds are subject to a processing fee of 5%. Remember you can always transfer free of charge provided there is space available.

Q. Do you have financial help?

A. We have payment plans in place to help families. Please call us to discuss details.

Q. Will I be able to get the projects my child makes in the camps and classes?

A. Yes, your child will be able to download all the projects to your local machine. If the software license is not open source , you might have to purchase a personal use license for the software if you intend to continue to use it after camp is over.

Q. Who will teach summer camps and classes?

A. Strem HQ instructors who are trained and qualified teach both in-person and virtual camps.

Q. Joining new, have registration questions?
A. Please click on the course for details. If you have any questions regarding courses or need more details , please feel free to email or call us, we will be happy to help.
If the payment and mandatory forms have not been received, the student will not be enrolled in the class. You may sign up for a waiting list if the class is full. 

Q. Can I add more sessions if I have already registered ? Do I have to pay the registration fee again?

A. Yes, You may register for as many sessions as you like. We do not charge double registration fee for the same student. Registration is charged once for summer sessions and once for weekend/ semester long workshops (if applicable). Please note , if you are requesting for last minute registrations , for staff and equipment considerations and adjustments registration fee will be charged.

Please note our in school sessions are all inclusive.

Virtual Campers will not be charged Registration fee

Q.  Can I use more than one coupon code ?

A. Only One discount / promotion can be applied to one purchase. Promotions or discounts cannot be combined. if there are multiple promotions running , you can choose the one that can give you the maximum discount.

​Q. What is your refund & cancellation policy for Strem HQ year round and after school classes?

A. If the class has been cancelled the refund will be provided in 10 business days. 

However, If you choose to cancel the class , you need to provide advance notice. The refund depends on the class/ camps enrolled and time of cancellation. All refunds are handled on a case by case basis. 

Please note all refunds are subject to a processing charge of $20.

Please note if any cancellation request is received after the classes are in session , Your account will be subject to a standard cancellation fee of $50 . This applies to all classes and programs run by Strem HQ.

There will be no refunds after the program has started. 

Please note if you are enrolled in a recurring program it requires 1 month notice - this does not apply to students who are enrolled in Robotics teams

Q. What is your Refund policy for Virtual camps ?

Virtual camps need to be cancelled 3 day before camp starts for full refund.

If you are absent you will not be refunded.

There is no makeup for missed class.

Please note that it is your responsibility to arrange Laptops/ Desktop for the classes along with Webcam and Stable internet connection for student success.

Any requests after class has begun will not qualify for any refunds.

Q. What is your Refund policy for Virtual classes ?

Virtual classes have no contracts , if you choose not to renew your monthly subscription for any reason , please let us know asap.

Please allow 1 month notice for cancellation.

If you are absent you will not be refunded. You may let us know that you need a makeup session before hand.

There is no makeup for missed class.

Please note that it is your responsibility to arrange Laptops/ Desktop for the classes along with Webcam and Stable internet connection for student success.

Any requests after class has begun will not qualify for any refunds.

Q. What is your cancellation policy for summer camps?

A. By making the camp or class purchase , you agree to STREM HQ policies below:

There is a $50 Non- refundable deposit per week in summer camp.

Registration fee is non refundable.


Cancellation by March 31- registration fee of $50, the non refundable deposit of $50 will be withheld

Cancellation by April 30- 50% of tuition will be refunded.

Cancellation by May 31- 25% of tuition will be refunded

No refunds after May 31 

No refunds after any class has begun.

No refunds will be provided for missed classes or in case the student is absent.

Q. What is your cancellation policy for in school classes?

A. No cancellation will be accepted once the classes have begun. If you choose to withdraw , no refunds will be provided.

Q. Can I transfer my child to any other class?

A. Yes, you may transfer your child if there is space in the class requested. Due to staff considerations, all transfer requested must be made 3 week prior to the camp date(s).  No transfer request will be acknowledged after/on the day the camp starts. No guarantee can be provided for availability. Please call us to confirm. Transfer within 3 weeks of camp will be charged a $50 transfer fee.Transfer requests outside of the 3 weeks are free of charge.

Parents will have to also consider paying the difference in price if the class is not of equal value. Coupon values may not apply for transfer students.

Virtual camps and class transfer - You can request a transfer upto 3 days before class. No transfer request will be acknowledged after/on the day the camp starts. No guarantee can be provided for availability. Please call us to confirm.

Q. Does my child require any previous Technology and Engineering experience?

A. No, there are no prerequisites for summer classes, however to advance into higher level classes, the students must demonstrate the ability required either by testing or by completing the previous level with us.

Q. How are campers grouped?

A. Students are grouped by age and skill level.

Q. What if my child has special needs/ requirements?

A. Parents need to provide all information, medicines and other requirements before dropping of their child. STREM HQ staff needs to be informed of all medical needs and requirements. Parents are required to provide details of medication and other requirements if they apply to your child.  Official doctors note may be required to administer medicines. Please fill out the medical form for your child

Q. What are the behavior expectations from my student?

A. STREM HQ reserves the right to dismiss any student from the program due to disruptive behavior. No refunds or credits will apply.

All students are expected to respect the equipment they are provided for use in the camps. Any damage to equipment will be parent responsibility.

If a student is seen  mishandling and damaging STREM HQ property , that student will be dismissed from the program immediately. Please read details in the Please read Behavior contract here.

Q.  Can the students get their phones/ tablets/ laptops to class/ camps?

A. If the students are bringing any devices to any STREM HQ classes or camps , they should be responsible for them. STREM HQ will not be liable for any damaged / lost equipment/ devices. Students are also responsible for using the devices wisely. Parents are requested to encourage the student to put the device away during class . STREM HQ is not responsible for managing the time the students will spend on the device. We expect the student to put the device away during class.

Q. How early can I drop my child?

A. Students can be dropped off 10 minutes prior to the session. Please park and walk your student to class. The students may not be dropped of on the curb. Parent Sign in/out is required. ID check and note will be required if anyone else except parents are picking up. Students may not sign themselves in. Please check wit your location for extended care availability.


Q. Do you offer extended drop and pick up for camps?

A. Please pick up your child no later than 10 min after the class end time.
Extended drop-off and pick up is offered from 8am until 5pm for a flat fee in most STREM HQ locations. Please contact us to inquire for extra charges if applied to your desired site.
If you require extended before/after pick up and drop-off provision for your child please call us to see if the particular STREM HQ site is offering that provision.

Any pick up after the hours will be charged $1 / minute.

Please note morning campers who are interested in purchase of extended pickup hours for full day , need to enroll in afternoon camp.

Q. What if I am running late?

A.  If you have an emergency or are getting delayed , please inform us immediately.

You will be required to fill a information card along with drop off and pick up information and emergency contact information. In case of any special circumstance please advise our staff.


Q. Do you provide lunch?

A. A Nut free non refrigerated lunch and snacks should be brought by the student.  Please refer to your center for menu if you want to purchase lunch

No lunch or snack is required for academic year classes and in school classes.


Q. Is transportation provided?

A. No transportation is provided by STREM HQ.


Q. What are camp dates and Hours?

A. Camp dates and hours are listed on the camp detail pages. If you have any questions about the hours or dates , please feel free to contact us.

It is advised to contact us regarding class and camp dates to confirm the schedules.


Q. How do I know if there is a spot available in the course I desire?

A. All schedule and availability will be found under the particular course tab on the home page. But if you have any questions , you can call us anytime.

Q. What will happen to the content created by my student?

A. All content created by students are a property of STREM HQ. We will provide a digital copy the projects for you to see and download , or even send them to you after the course/ camp is over.

Q. What to Bring?

Camp Checklist


  1. If you have a friend at the camp and want to be grouped with them, please let the staff know beforehand.

  2. Nut- Free Lunch

  3. Water Bottle

  4. Comfortable clothing

  5. No equipment is required, we will provide all necessary equipment.

  6. If your child needs medicine to be administered, please bring a doctor’s note. Please full out the Medical form


Q. What if I can no longer attend?

A. Any changes , refunds,  transfers or discontinuation will not be entertained after the start of the class. No refund will be provided. Please refer to cancellation policy.

Q. What are your timings in the summer?

A. STREM HQ locations will be open M-F 8:00am -5:00pm on camp weeks. Times vary by locations.

Q. What are your timings year long ?

A. Year long program hours vary per location , please call to inquire date and time for your programs.

For in school clubs please look under the school name .

For Year round programs our locations are open 6-8pm on Mon-Fri . Please call and make appointments to visit.

​​Q. What is your holiday schedule?

A. STREM HQ will follow the school calendar for your area and will be closed on all National Holidays and school breaks. Please refer to calendar provided.

Q. How is my student placed in year long programs

A. Student are evaluated on the basis of interest, skill level, age and grade.

Q. I want to enroll my student in the Robotics Teams , what do I do?

A. Please fill out the robotics team application for consideration. Feel free to contact us with questions.

Q. I need your tax ID for my flex pay reimbursement.

A. Our tax ID is 473612427. Your receipts are already sent to you automatically after the purchase is made.

Still have questions? Email us at

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