Our mission as teachers and parents is to see our children succeed. We are all proud of what our child has achieved. They have worked hard and deserves a special moment of their own. 

We have created a Parent Pride corner just for you and your child, to celebrate them and their efforts.

Recognizing your child's achievements boosts their confidence and serves as an inspiration for other students in the community, so let your child become the leader and inspiration for everyone.

Each month we will pick one student to be featured in our space and will they be featured in our newsletter as well.

To see your students achievement here for the world to see & acknowledge, email us your child's achievement with a 200 word essay from your child with detail describing the achievement and what they did,  along with a headshot picture.

Our team will evaluate, screen and verify the achievements and let you know if we need more info.

*Achievements must be in STREM, STEM, STEAM or Community outreach categories.


No effort or achievement is big or small.

Every effort s worth an applause.

The important thing is making them.


student of the month
august 2021


Fulton County, Georgia , USA

Arsh has been a part of the Strem family since the past 5 years. He has taken several coding , Artificial Intelligence and Engineering courses. 

Perusing his passions in science Arsh was able to use his python knowledge to create a code with the research scientists at Fermilab particle accelerator laboratory.

Such a proud moment for us when our students apply what they learnt with us in the real world!

Well Done Arsh!


student of the month


Fulton County, Georgia , USA

Angad has been a part of Strem HQ family for the past couple years and has learnt both coding and robotics in our after school classes. He also has attended summer camps with Strem In previous years .

What is most outstanding about Angad is how he has applied his learnings and has taken it to a whole another level with his hard work and dedication.

on First place in GASTC regional competition in Digital Game design and is moving on now to state competitions.

I am so proud of his achievement and wish him the very best at state competitions.


Keep it up :)


student of the month
june 2021


Fulton County, Georgia , USA

Jhanvi  has been a part of Strem HQ annual summer camps since summer 2020. She also is currently part of our Virtual ongoing Progressive classes in both Coding & Robotics.


Recently, I got an email from her dad telling me about his achievements in Math, and needless to say we at STREMHQ are so very proud of her!

This month we celebrate her achievements in Math as a top ranker in her school.

She participated in the Worldwide Mathletics competition. Jhanvi's ranked #1 in her school and #61st in the entire country!


Congratulations Jhanvi!

Keep up the good work.


student of the month

may 2021


Telluride County, Colorado , USA

Noah  has been a part of Strem HQ annual summer camps since the past 3 years. He has joined us every year in summer when he visits his grandpa Jim. He also is currently part of our Virtual ongoing Progressive classes in both Coding & Robotics.

This last month I got an email from Jim telling me about his achievements in Robotics, and needless to say we at STREM so very proud of him!

Noah is part of FLL robotics team Brick Busters, who have qualified for state competition during a remote regional competition and won the 2021 Project Semi finalist award and were nominated for Global Innovation award!

Way to go kids!

(Noah is in the red long sleeve T)

Find the list of Semi finalists here -