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Our mission is making STEM education nations #1 priority!TM

By taking the kids from:






I CAN do 'ST(R)EM'.




'ST(R)EM' is IMPORTANT to me!©

Through engaging, fun and informal ST(R)EM experiences we aim to bridge the gender gap in technology and all ST(R)EM areas. We offer School Break Camps, After School Programs , Weekend Workshops , Competitive Robotics Teams, STEM Events, Special Programs for Girls in STEM called " STREM ChiXTM"

STREM HQ is working to ensure that all children have access to quality STEM programs which are critical to children and families today, yet the need for programs is far from being met. 

At STREM HQ, We are a group of Future Focused IT industry professionals, inventors & teachers with experience in Hardware & Software engineering, product design and management and realize that there is a big gap in the demand of technology related careers, while a very small number of children have access to the resources that can get them there. STREM HQ aims to bridge that gap through an array of after school programs, clubs, workshops and camps for ages 6-17.

Through an extensive and ever expansive latest cutting edge technology curriculum that involves System Development & Engineering Design Life Cycle for <CODEing> & -BUILDing-;  STREM HQ offers guidance and mentoring to kids and is well-positioned to engage and motivate students. With Imaginative, Innovative and Inventive hands-on, project-based learning, ST(R)EM fields come alive for youth providing them with overall confidence and academic success.

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STREM HQ is committed to advancing after school ST(R)EM education opportunities for young people across the country. Our work is focused around providing young people, especially girls with opportunities to explore and engage themselves in ST(R)EM fields


Our Programs involve an Year Round expansive curriculum for both <CODE> (Software) & -BUILD- (Hardware) Engineering which follow our Design & Development Process Life Cycle StremtistsTM of all ages!



The Origin of STREM HQ.....

STREM HQ is the brainchild of 16 year old Aditya suri , who is a national first prize winner of Samsung App Academy. It is Aditya's vision to motivate youth towards STEM education and paying it forward to the community. According to Aditya "Instead of saying 'when i grow up ...' and postponing your dreams to a future date, create your future starting now!. I work to make STEM education our nations #1 priority."

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Meet our Founder


Barkha Suri is often described as a technology evangelist; she has had an impact through her work with various community-focused organizations. Her comprehensive professional IT experience has allowed her to deploy holistic solutions in education, business management, and development. She uses her creative experience as a way to bridge the gap between engineering and many other domains, focusing on increasing the participation of women and minorities in STEM fields. She is a leader in the design and delivery of STEM education programs, engaging the future brightest minds of America and enhancing their learning experience.

Barkha's goal as the CEO of Strem HQ Tech Academy, is to make technology education the nation’s #1 priority. Using the latest innovations in technology and robotics to enable students to have a propitious advantage for their future, over 20,000 future engineers, doctors, programmers, and scientists have been impacted throughout the United States. She also serves as the Board of Director with the Computer Museum of America.

She began her career in the commercial sector working in business development, project and product management, and quality assurance roles at Ozonix, Inc., Baxter Healthcare, Envision, Inc., and Parke Davis (India).

Barkha holds a Bachelor of Technology, a Bachelor in English, and a Masters in Business Administration. Certifications include Six Sigma, Green Belt; Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner; Executive Global Information Technology Management Certificate; and a Diploma in Marketing & Management.

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