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Girls in STEM

Girls in Stem

2 most obvious reasons why your daughter can be a good engineer?

  • Because Girls are creative

  • Because Girls have excellent Fine Motor Skills which facilitates building.

On average, 40-45% of STREM HQ enrollments have been girls. What does that number say about us? That number lets you know that we’re beating the industry standard in engagement and diversity in tech youth programs. At STREM HQ, we believe that girls engaged in tech will only more bring more diversity and growth to the industry. We want to ensure that girls have an equal opportunity to boys in becoming pioneers in their chosen STEM field. The statistics below show that there’s some growth, but that we need young girls to explore and discover all that the tech industry has to offer. That’s why, at STREM HQ, we’re working so hard to make sure we connect with girls in our schools and communities to break down the idea that STEM is for everyone.

At STREM HQ, we do that by demonstrating that no tech field or subject we teach is gender oriented. We make sure, that our robotics, class, and camp teams are comprised of boys and girls so they can learn to work together. We teach a teamwork view that emphasizes giving everyone a chance for their ideas to be heard and considered, not talked over. Our goal, at STREM HQ, is to make sure that your daughters and sons learn that when everyone is equal on the most diverse team, then the possibilities become limitless! That’s a win-win for everyone!

Gender Equality-

Elizabeth Spelke, PhD, a psychologist at Harvard University, and colleagues reviewed 111 studies and concluded that gender differences in math and science ability have a genetic basis in cognitive systems that emerge in early childhood. Nevertheless, the studies suggested that men and women on the whole possess an equal aptitude for math and science. In fact, boy and girl infants were found to perform equally well as young as 6 months on tasks that underlie mathematics abilities.

The researchers conclude that early experience, educational policies and culture also strongly affect success in math and science. –

Gender equality starts from home.

Let’s encourage your daughters to be the next generation of Technology CEO’s and CTO’s starting today!


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