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Celebrating Success: Team Arcturus Excels in Robotics Season

We are so proud to announce that Team Arcturus has truly showcased their dedication, teamwork, and innovation throughout the season, culminating in an impressive journey to the State Championships

 It all began at the League Tournament held at Milton High School on January 27, 2024, where Team Arcturus emerged as the Alliance Captain and secured the #1 position in the league tournament. Their outstanding performance didn't go unnoticed as they also claimed the prestigious Control Award, a testament to their exceptional skills in robot control and innovation.

Building on their success at the league level. Team Arcturus continued to shine at the State Championships. Selected for the elimination rounds, they demonstrated resilience and strategic thinking, ultimately reaching the semi-finals. Their impressive run was further highlighted by the 2nd Place Control Award, solidifying their reputation as leaders in robotics excellence.

Congratulations, Team Arcturus, on an amazing robotics season! Your hard work, collaboration, and determination have truly paid off, and we cannot wait to see where your journey takes you next.

Here's to a future filled with continued success, innovation, and limitless possibilities! 🚀🤖


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