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Check out NANO Camps! Our Newest camps for 5, 6, 7 year olds and yes they are as cool as their name!

These 90 min sessions are specifically designed for the younger ages at beginner levels to introduce them to STEM in super fun and exciting way.

Take a look at the camp offerings:

Did you know?

NANO Camps are 90 min sessions that run Mon- Fri . Each week has two unique sessions and they are only $99.99 / session!

Click on the link below to check out camp details and save your seat in the camps

5 reasons why NANO is the way to go...

  • Because you want to introduce your child to tech in a fun way.

  • Because NANO camps are a perfect camp for parents who want to send their kids to half day camps.

  • Because NANO camps are super affordable.

  • Because NANO camps maintain the same quality as regular day camps.

  • Because NANO camps are specifically designed to encourage your child's progression into various STEM fields with a huge variety of options to choose from!

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Got older kids or need full day camps?

Have you checked out our 50+ options for day camps yet?

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