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If this pandemic has taught us anything is that even in the most dire of situations, majority of the tech workforce still holds their jobs while 6.6 million other US citizens have filed for unemployment!

Let's look at the IT sector as it stands today-

The IT industry is a growth powerhouse and has dominance within the services-producing sector, powered in large part by a vibrant technology sector. Over the last four years, the industry has driven remarkable gains, powering real economic growth and employment.

The high demand for IT pros, the career opportunities outlook for IT professionals continues to be bright.

Computer science skills represented 65% of the fastest growing skills, as well as 62% of the high-paying skills. Interestingly, the study also demonstrated that computer science skills go beyond the traditional programming roles and are increasingly desired in industries like marketing and design. In fact, 82% of job postings seeking computer science skills did not require a computer science degree.   

So what all this mean for our children and their future?

There are 850 million children worldwide shut out of schools, only connected through technology in this time of social distancing. Tech evangelists claim now is the time for Technology education is strong.

With tech education today students can-

  • Choose diff career paths

  • Thrive as a part of a team or individually.

  • Find work anywhere from anywhere.

  • An abundance of continued learning opportunities.

  • Career growth opportunities.

  • Creativity also pays!

So whether your child is a gamer, an artist, a sports fan or even an actor there is an opportunity for them to turn their talent into a productive and rewarding career.

"As industries from finance to media to healthcare all now are impacted by disruption, it’s clear to me that having an understanding of what’s going on ‘under the hood’ of your programs and applications is a language that most all successful children will want to speak."

- Kristi Mansfield - Oracle



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