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COVID 19 has all of us in quarantine. To make this time productive and to provide continued learning for students of Atlanta and the world, our team of professional instructors here at STREM HQ has made it possible to take all classes - including robotics online from the comfort of your home.

You just need a stable wi-fi connection and a computer ( desktop or laptop)

STREM HQ has taught Programming , Digital media and Robotics to over 5000+ kids. Our program has been had 100% success and great reviews from parents and students alike. With affiliations with many public & Private schools, Ours is the only program with the Progressive pathway to success. Our NO contract NO Hassle program is the best choice for your student. We are excited to offer this expertly designed Progressive curriculum online with live instruction, small groups (1:5) and a collaborative atmosphere via cloud. Now available not only across North America but the entire world!

Students can now learn various topics including Java, Python, Scratch, Adobe toolset etc with our ongoing classes & camps.

We also have a fun program with short term classes.

Check these out today and see what class fits your child's needs.


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