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Strem HQ CEO and CTO featured in Foreman LLC Podcasts

Recently Strem HQ CEO , Barkha Suri and CTO Aditya Suri were featured in Natasha Foreman's series "Dont Call it small.. Business Podcast"

Natasha Foreman is a renowned business women in Metro Atlanta, and the CEO and founder of Foreman LLC.

Natasha has been a serial entrepreneur since she was 10 years of age. In her career Natasha has worked with international clients on various trade and technology projects.

In addition to her BA degree that she earned from CSU Long Beach, Natasha also earned her MBA with a Marketing Specialization from Kaplan University; she holds a Post-Masters Certificate in College Teaching, and is currently completing her dissertation for her PhD in Organization and Management with a specialization in Management Education---with the focus of combining theory with real-world application in both the c-suite and the classroom.

When she's not wearing her "entrepreneur's hat" she's teaching business courses at Purdue University Global and Atlanta Technical College.

Here is a partial list of some of her previous speaking engagements:

  • National Consortium of High Schools

  • UC Irvine

  • Santa Ana College

  • Towers High School

  • Calvary Church

  • YWTF-Atlanta

  • Emory University

  • Carter G. Woodson Elementary

  • HOPE Global Forum

  • Sisters of Today and Tomorrow

  • Africa Now

  • Operation HOPE Entrepreneurship Training Program Graduation

  • Atlanta Business League

  • Student Leaders group

  • Under 30 Following The Vision (served as business judge)

  • Coleman Communications, Inc.

  • GivingPoint Institute, Inc.

  • Essential2Life, Inc.

  • Morehouse College: National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)

We at Strem HQ are honored to be featured in her podcast.

An admiration coming from an influencer like her means a lot for us, as we continue to put our best efforts to make "Technology Education Nations #1 priority".

Over the years Strem HQ has taught about 4000+ students, motivating the girls and boys of today to learn and expand their technology knowledge-base in all aspects of tech from coding to engineering to multimedia.

We take pride in the indepth quality education we provide the students in the latest and most current technologies in the market.

Check out our year round programs , and summer camps to see a variety of offerings for your student.

To listen to her Podcasts go to the following link:

Strem HQ was featured In episodes 7 and 10.

* Strem HQ is not related to Foreman LLC in any way. This is not a paid advertisement.

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