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So you want a tech camp for your child . Great choice - Tech is the future and kids need to get exposed to technology as early as possible to avoid intimidation in the future.

Without further a-do , here is a list of 10 questions that can help make the right choice.

1) What is the Student Teacher Ratio at the camp , and don't forget to ask the class size , some camps advertise a low student teacher ratio while packing the students with 1 lead instructor and other counselors in training to offset the ratios which is clearly false advertising.

2) Material fee charges - Some companies , while advertising their base price lower have many hidden fees to the camp, and parents ultimately end up paying a lot more than what they originally signed up for. So make sure you check if the camp fee includes everything or there are extra charges such as laptop fee, lab fee, material fee and even bring your own software! etc.

3) Actual Study Time - Some camps while they sound cool and exciting , only provide limited time for projects and the rest of the time students are playing or doing random activities. That is NOT what a true academic camp should be. The FUN factor should be integrated in projects and learning time should be maximized.

4) Full & Half Day Camps - While picking your camp , see what is the value you are getting in a full day camp . Some camps offer 1 subject for the entire camp, even if it is not an advance topic. This ends up with a lot of free time for the kids and a lot less learning. Check the sample day for the camps.

5) Hands on Tech - A good camp will offer 1:1 for tech and max 2:1 for engineering or robotics which are more team work kind of projects , if that is not the case and there are multiple kids on the same project - your child will get less hands on time and ultimately end up with a lot less learning time.

6) Extended options - Convenience is the # 1 factor while choosing a camp. Make sure you ask how much is the cost of convenience , if at all you are provided with the same!

7) Teacher experience & Expertise - Do ask your teacher profile , as we mentioned before camps are known to cut corners with 1 lead teacher while the rest of the staff has little to no experience. In addition to that ask hoe much industry experience does the teacher have. Real industry experience makes all the difference.

8) Innovation - Technology is all about keeping at pace with the industry trends, is your camp providing new technology exposure? Are the instructors at pace with the new tech ? What innovations is the company doing ? Do they have a designated department ?

9) Competitions - What do they do year long when they are not in summer camps , it's all about the next step and taking this education further . The company should be dedicated to making the students winners!.

10) Student Support - So your student loved what they learnt and want to learn more , what kind of support will the company provide you?

At Strem HQ , we are very attentive to the needs of students and families and work all year long to create outstanding students who are able to confidently excel in technology. Our team is a team of experts and innovators who carefully select and design products and curriculum for the students which will keep them at pace with the upcoming tech trends and in turn keep them one step ahead of the race!

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