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STREM HQ Robotics- Team Polaris does it again!

Team Polaris does it again! Strem HQ Team Polaris won Robot Design Award at Super Regional Competition this month.

Kudos to students and coaches !

A good Robot Design is a foundation of a great game and represents mechanical engineering , product design as well as programming effort that goes in the design by the team.

This is the second win in a row for Team Polaris this season for Hydrodynamics

Team Polaris also won the Project Award at Regional's for FLL Hydrodynamics their project was about a robot fish that finds and cures water in residential pipes.

Not only that Team Polaris also won Project award in Animal Allies in 2016-17 FLL season. The project was about helping disabled pets through various awareness campaigns .

Great Job Teams - You make us proud . Thanks to all dedicated and hardworking coaches.

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