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Tips for coding and building for FLL competitions

Here are somethings I have learnt with my experience in FLL competitions this year-

The EV3 robot should generally be a rectangular prism shape, with the brick ports on the sides. Try to make most of your attachments without motors. When using tank tracks make sure to use red grip pieces on every other track piece. Try not to use diagonal jigs. For special attachments like a forklift, try to use missions from previous seasons in the design.

For the movement codes try to have the robot move in only straight lines. Try to make jigs before you code. Try to use ports A and D for the drive motors. Try to avoid complex coding with switches and data operations. NEVER use color sensors. Sensors have a high error rate .

- Pierce Ankrom (FLL Team Polaris 2019-2020)

Disclaimer:The views expressed in the article above are those from the student's perspective and experience and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of STREM HQ.


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