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Georgia Student Technology Competition (GASTC) Winner 2020-21 school year

This year has been an strange one for everyone , but our students have not only learnt but have achieved immense success in several Tech Competitions.

In this post I am going to introduce Angad Singh who won First place in GASTC regional competition in Digital Game design and is moving on now to state competitions.

Angad has been a part of Strem HQ family for the past couple years and has learnt both coding and robotics in our after school classes. He also has attended summer camps with Strem In previous years .

What is most outstanding about Angad is how he has applied his learnings and has taken it to a whole another level with his hard work and dedication.

I am so proud of his achievement and wish him the very best at state competitions.

In previous years we have had several winners in GASTC as well, some names that have been outstanding are-

Abhijeet Ghosh - 1st place regional engineering (Cobb)

Daniil Mtsariashvii- 1st place regional robotics (Fulton)

Anay Ashish- 2nd place regional robotics (Fulton)

Pranay Mahindrakar- 2nd place regional robotics (Fulton)

Angad Singh -


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