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Once upon a fun day at Strem HQ camps...

Tis' was one Summer Monday and the camps had started,

The sleepy eyes students entered wondering whether they will be outsmarted .

There were Robots and laptops beyond the eyes can see..

They pondered what fun will it be!

Slowly they went to class and the coaches came in...

As the coach started the icebreakers the smiles begin.

There were roars of battle bots, shining lights, buzz of drones and game music tones.

Friendships were formed and laughter rung strong.

They learned and got smarter and enjoyed lunch, snacks and fun little games all day long.

...It was alas the end of the day.

As the parents came in they saw shiny bright eyes , excited faces and wide smiles.. The students could not wait until the next day to come back and play !

(New this year - In house field trips/ Special Visitors - Select Fridays)

8:50-9:00 Arrival/ sign in

9:00- 9:10 Icebreaker activities

9:10-12:00 Instruction and Labs AM session

(includes snack break time )

12:00-12:10 Dismissal for AM students

12:00-1:00 Lunch for full day campers

12:50-1:00 Arrival for afternoon campers

1:00-1:10 Ice breaker Activities

1:10- 4:00Instruction and Labs PM session

(includes snack break time )

3:30- 4:00 Friday's - Family showcase

4:00 Dismissal for PM and Full Day students

**Outside time will be during snack and lunch breaks. Students are able to go to nearby parks/ play grounds,

Weather permitting**

**Students are required to bring a non refrigerated nut free lunch & snacks, or you can purchase week long lunch program**


We provide :

Avg 8:1 student teacher ratio.

Individual laptops for Technology classes

NO equipment, NO material, NO Lab Fee! 

Camp T-shirt

Certificate of Achievement

Digital Copy of your creations

One time registration

State of the Art curriculum designed by Industry experts

All of our Lead Instructors are Adults who are Tech Industry Professionals, Tech/ Engineering Teachers and College Students/ interns  who are  Subject Matter Expert and are currently specializing in the discipline.

All instructors are background checked.

One CPR certified personnel at site during camp.

Supervised Outside time during lunch.

Extended drop off/pick up and lunch options available for purchase for a flat fee.


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