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December 04, 2016

STREM HQ robotics teams competed in the FLL robotics regional's yesterday at Kell Robotics.

Strem HQ Teams Polaris , Iron Giants and Team Stremendous worked very hard . In a course of a short time they had covered all four aspects of the competition and were ready to rock the competition. 


STREM HQ coaches are very proud of all students. Great job teams . Very well done.


Team Polaris was a rookie team this year from STREM HQ Alpharetta center . Team Polaris won the Best Project award  at the competition. They have worked really hard this season with all their efforts towards disabled pets in this years theme "Animal Allies" .

A truly well deserved award . We are very proud of you. Way to go team!

A special thank you to all coaches and parents for all their effort and support.


September 17, 2016

Students of all ages get enthused with STREM HQ's in house drones.

Whether they were 5, 15 or 25, who doesn't like a flying machine! .. STREM HQ has created drones of their own and they are flying around !

Through STREM HQ's aerodynamics programs students learn a multitude of concepts which include Mechanical , Electrical Engineering , Physics and Aerodynamics .. All while having a lot of fun and making things fly .

STREM HQ's exceptional curriculum teaches engineering design in a  unique and super fun way!

Picture here shows Walton High School's Robotics team students and enthusiastic engineers  checking out the STREM HQ drones .

STREM HQ's surprise visitor!

July 31, 2016

STREM HQ students get a surprise visit from Emannuel Jhonson of Jhonson Research Labs .

Students share thier underwater robots and drones with Dr. Jhonson.

Dr. Jhonson Inspries students with his stories of Nerf engineering!

Picture here shows Stremgineer talking to Dr.Jhonson about the build.

Strem HQ is not only about learning , it's about inspiration and cultivating the love and passion for Science , technology , Engineering and Robotics in youth of today!

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