Meet the team

Our Coaches work with us year long. 

We are always looking for qualified coaches to join our team. Send us your resume for consideration.

Coach Barkha 

CEO & Co Founder 

20+ years of Tech experience In Fortune 50 companies.

MBA , Bachelor of Tech,

University of Melbourne, University of Singapore 

Coach Jacob

Programming Specialist

Masters in Mathematics

Harvard University

Coach Saket

Programming  Specialist

Bachelors of Science- Digi Pen

Video Game design​ & development.

Coach Davita

Robotics & coding Specialist

University of California - Berkley

Coach Suri


25+ Years of Tech experience in Top national companies.'

Masters of Computer Science 


 University of California 

Coach Kerric

Engineering Specialist &

Product Development


​5+ experience in Big 5 consulting and tech companies. 

Coach Victoria

Programming & Robotics Specialist 

Currently pursuing 

Bachelors in Computer Science 

Coach Approva

Math Specialist

University of Florida

Coach Aditya

CTO & Co Founder


Samsung National App Award winner 2015 .

Bachelors in Technology - Data sciences.

10+ years of robotics experience

Coach Osman

Programming & Robotics Specialist

Currently pursuing

Bachelors in Computer Science

Coach Sahil

Coding Specialist

Georgia Tech- Bachelors in Computer Science.

Coach Arsh

Programming & Design, Robotics Specialist 

Robotics Team Lead

Coach Kristin

Marketing Specialist

Robotics Coach 

15+ experience in Management & Marketing 

University of Florida

Coach Brielle

Programming Specialist  

 Computer Science Major

Coach Nigel 

Game Design Specialist

Bachelors of Computer Science

Video Game design​ & development.