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Catch 'Em If You Can!!


It's everywhere you go! If your kids don't have it, they have been begging for it! Pokémon Go, the game app, is a big topic of conversation among all of our Stremtists. We love to bring you the latest in tech info so that you can have great conversations with your kids about what they're interested in. Pokémon Go is an Augmented Reality application and game. It essentially uses your devices' GPS and camera to place Pokémon in the "real" world to catch, raise, and battle.

What can my child gain from Pokémon Go? As our media landscape becomes more complex, young people need to learn to navigate through emerging technology. In STREM HQ classes, we are preparing kids with that knowledge such as Robotics, 2D/3D printing, and Aerodynamics with Drones. All of these are emerging technologies that will continue to evolve. Pokémon Go is really the first line of exposure for kids to Augmented Reality, which is also an emerging technology.

Teaching kids emerging technologies amplifies traditional education with the skills required to communicate with emerging tools. Pokemong Go requires users to keep track of combat power, a wide range of character abilities, and strengths. This helps students build their math and memory abilities. The GPS map builds geospatial skills as well.

Pokémon Go requires you to exercise your body as well as your mind. Pokémon are placed strategically across the entire world. Kids must get out of their seat and walk to find the Pokémon they are looking for. They can adventure and traverse the neighborhood with a friend or group of friends. As a mom, Pokémon Go has been a big lure for getting my son to spend time with me. Parents and kids if all ages can find fun and education playing Pokemon Go together! We find free time around our priorities to get out and walk while playing Pokémon Go together. The game has led to several historic monuments and designated areas as well. We always stop to Google and find out more information. In this way, Pokémon Go also creates an environment for teaching history as well.

At STREM HQ, we really value finding the bridge between technology from one generation to the next. Whether you are playing Pokémon Go, flying Drones, creating Robots or 2D/3D models, there is inherent education involved in the fun of each activity that allows you to spend some amazing quality time together! Don't forget to do your research about each activity, because what works for your rules may not work for someone else. Come up with a plan for you and your child/ren that you feel comfortable with that involves safety, screen time, and quality time.

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