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Skill Level: Beg- Adv

Pre- requisite: None

Skills acquired (Hardware/ Software):

  • Architecture
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Principles of Physics


Soft Skills Acquired:

  • Product Design
  • Building basics
  • Cost analysis
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking

Real World Application: Civil Engineering, Architecture, Math, Design


Course Description:


Students learn Basic Principles of Civil & Architecture Engineering in fun environment.

Students improve their concepts by completing number of challenges by progressing through engineering principles.

They learn designing various structures and  understand concepts of force, budget and weight etc.

They design and test if the structures passed the challenge, and compete for the strongest structure standing.

A great course for young engineering aspiring students to learn about various concepts of construction with this hands-on class.


**, Materials provided at no charge**




  • Please refer to FAQ for details.

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