When you are feeling like getting with friends, family or cousins from another town , another state or another country and every one loves Roblox- this is the perfect solution for you!


Celebrate your child with a Virtual party by bringing them and thier friends together virtually !


Celebrate Birthdays , aniversaries or just fun times for one flat rate of $99 for upto 5 kids.


Let kids have fun with exciting themes like Treasure Hunting and Parkor Puzzles , Boss Fights, Hunger Games , Battle Royale and more. 


Navigate thorugh this worlds with your friends, solve cryptic riddles, explore galatic worlds, battle enemies together and find hidden treasures.


This is a enviorenment monitored by an instructor who will help as a guide and help students thorugh the challenges. 


Extremely popluar! Book your time now!


  • Mandatory- Please make sure each child has minecraft downloaded in your computer.

    If you do not have your own minecraft account please advice ahead of time.

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