Skill Level: Beg

Pre- requisite: None


Skills acquired (Hardware/ Software):

  • Product design
  • Robotics


Soft Skills acquired:

  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Mechanical design concepts
  • Echo Location
  • Biomimicry


Real Time Applications : Environmental science, biomimicry, robotics, programming


Course Details:


In this super fun class students create smart autonomous robots that avoid obstacles , go hunting for objects and more!

The Bat inspired autonomous robot that uses echo-location to navigate!

See bat-mobiles, Fly drones &

a with hands on robotics building fun!


Have you ever considered how a bat can see without any light?

Biomimicry is the study and emulation of nature to perform tasks or solve problems. 

a sub and bat share the same capabilities in using sonar or echolocation to detect objects in their sensory ranges.


* Beginners are welcome

"RO-BAT"- Build Super fun Sonar robots - Full day!

Dates Available:
2019 Annual Registration
  • Please refer to FAQ for details.

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