Skill Level: Beg

Pre- requisite: None


Skills acquired (Hardware/ Software):

  • Product design
  • Robotics


Soft Skills acquired:

  • Creativity
  • Problem Solving
  • Mechanical design concepts
  • Echo Location
  • Biomimicry


Real Time Applications : Environmental science, biomimicry, robotics, programming


Course Details:


In this super fun class students create smart autonomous robots that avoid obstacles , go hunting for objects and more!

The Bat inspired autonomous robot that uses echo-location to navigate!

See bat-mobiles, Fly drones &

a with hands on robotics building fun!


Have you ever considered how a bat can see without any light?

Biomimicry is the study and emulation of nature to perform tasks or solve problems. 

a sub and bat share the same capabilities in using sonar or echolocation to detect objects in their sensory ranges.


* Beginners are welcome

"RO-BAT"- Build Super fun Sonar robots - Full day!

Dates Available:
2019 Annual Registration
  • Please refer to FAQ for details.

Now Enrolling for In school Enrichment classes and Evening Programs .
Winter and Spring camps available. Space is limited. Save your spot today!

 Strem HQ will give part of the proceeds from Winter and Spring camps to RSPCA Australia to help dying animals

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