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Skill Level: Beg- Adv

Pre- requisite: Ability to work in a group

Skills acquired (Hardware/ Software) :
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Arduino Programming

Soft skills :
Product Design
Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Hand Eye Coordination

Real Time Application: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Engineering Design, Software Engineering

Course Description:

Keeping pace with a technology driven world, we've developed a hands-on blended learning experience that's fun, rewarding and challenging. Learn to build Smart Self - driving cars , Build a Smart Cars from start to finish!
Learn design concepts along with Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.
Learn to create unique car designs . Learn concepts of physics such as momemtum, acceleration etc.
Students learn to add sensors and program with Arduino to create an autonomus program for obstacle aviodance, line and light following and more!

**Materials and equipment provided**

**Since each student will create thier own design the end Product might not look like the product picture**

Autonomous Self Driving Vehicles- Build, Code & Take home- with Sphero RVR

  • Please refer to FAQ for details

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