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East Side Technology Clubs 2018-19


Technology: Coding with Kodu- FALL 2018

Skills acquired (HW/ SW): Coding, Logic, using conditions, Loops, Algorithms;

Soft Skills acquired: Creativity, Problem Solving, Storyboarding, Strategy
Real Time Applications: Software Engineering, Game Design
Visual Game Design- SUPER FUN!

We have brought our most wanted Coding & Game Design Class back on popular demand!
This software lets the students learn coding while delving in depths of visual 3D game design.
Students create games like races, mazes, soccer field, and action and adventure games, as they learn coding logic and loops.



Technology: Creating Animation / Short Films - SPRING 2019
Skills acquired (HW/ SW):
Frame selection & Manipulation, Animation design.
Soft Skills acquired: Creativity, Problem Solving, Storyboarding,
Strategy, Character Design
Real Time Applications: Software Engineering, Game Design


Animations and Films- SUPER FUN!
Getting creative and out of the box thinking is the skillset that makes great minds.
You have seen Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, Speed runner, Pink Panther and more.
Now it’s your turn to learn how to make your own Cartoons
This software lets the students get creative while they delve into the depths of 2D modelling.
Students create short animations,storyboarding, design characters
Create fun cartoons, animations and stories and learn to publish them as well!
Learn what goes on in the world of Disney and Cartoon Network.
It is fun filled class and interactive class introducing concepts on Animation.


** Number of students in class is limited, class registration is first come first serve.

** Class includes laptops and softwares for use in the class

** These classes will not be back until 2021 , so dont wait !!

East Side After School Clubs Semester Course- Tech

Out of Stock
  • Fall 2018 : Coding with Kodu

    Spring 2019 : Creating short Animations/ Films

  • Every Tuesday at the TBD

    1st Hour : 2:30 - 3:40

    2nd Hour: 3:50- 4:50

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