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East Side Engineering Clubs 2018-19 Spring


Engineering: Build & Drive Race Cars - FALL 2018
Skills acquired (Hardware/ Software) : Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, precision

Soft skills:
Creativity, Product Design, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Hand Eye Coordination
Real Time Application: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Engineering Design, Racing techniques
We've developed a hands-on blended learning experience that's fun, rewarding and challenging.
Learn to build RC car, and Race with them too!!Build a Race Car from start to finish!
Learn design concepts along with Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.
Learn to create unique car design.
Learn concepts of physics such as momentum, acceleration etc.
At the end of the class students will learn racing techniques like racing, drifting, speed control, torque, momentum, rpm and more.


Engineering: Minecraft Civil Engineering - SPRING 2019
Skills acquired (HW/ SW):

Architecture, Engineering Drawing, Civil Engineering, Minecraft, Design
Soft Skills Acquired: Creativity, Design sense, Visuospatial reasoning, Cost- Benefit Analysis

Real Time Application: Civil Engineering, Architecture

Become a Minecraft Architect-
Student learn skills for Civil & Architectural Engineering and apply them in world of Minecraft.
Students learn principles pf physics and forces of nature and their effect on structures. Learn to construct houses, bridges, ships, floating islands and rollercoasters of the highest quality.
Student start with create the blueprints of the environment. As course progresses they use the blueprints and apply civil engineering to build the structures and landscape it in the Minecraft which involve making objects working elevators, rail tracks and more!
Perfect for lovers of Minecraft and Engineering

East Side After School Clubs Semester Course-Engineering

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  • Theme of this TBD

  • Every Friday at the TBD

    1st Hour : 2:30 - 3:30

    2nd Hour: 3:40- 4:40

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