Skill Level: Beg- Adv
Pre- requisite: Ability to work in a group

Skills acquired (Hardware/ Software) :
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Flight Control

Soft skills :
Product Design
Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Hand Eye Coordination

Real Time Application: Aeronautical Engineering, Engineering Design, Flying techniques

Course Description:

Keeping pace with a technology driven world, we've developed a hands-on blended learning experience that's fun, rewarding and challenging. To encouraging creativity and innovation, STREM will use Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) a to inspire and motivate our youth to learn skills that will benefit them for a life time.This strategy allows our participants to experience STREM learning in a fun and meaningful way.

In this class students learn to build their Hexacopters from scratch, put circuits and parts together , soldering might be required in some models (under supervision). These advanced drones will have 6 motors and each one if connected to powerful propeller mechanism so that the device can go up to more heights with added abilities. Students will learn to easily manuevor the drones and train the drones to do acrobatics. Thesy will also learn to work with home signnal and GPS coordinates and more .

Students will also get drone flying training from our Drone experts and earn a Pilot certificate.

** Hexacopter kits are available for purchase for $229.99**

** Final products may not match the image displayed**


$250.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
Dates Available:
2019 Annual Registration
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