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Level - Beg


Skills acquired:


Publishing Skills



Next generation animators and designers


Opportunities in animation studios like Disney, Pixar, Electronic Arts game designing etc.


Students work on making unique 2D models , learn special effects and 3D animation in this fun camp . 

Blender is an open source software which has been used to make some fun and published animations. 

Step into the world of 3D!


3D character design is used not only in movies but has a huge demand in the gaming industry as well.


3D Modelling and Animation class allows students to take their imagination to a whole new level. Student use ideas and objects from real world and translate them to an ever evolving 3D model. By using design techniques and running simulations they create new wonders .


This perfect blend of art and science and great addition to STEAM movement.


  • Using storyboards to build advanced design
  • Student learn concepts of Sculpting, Rendering and Modelling
  • Animation principles as object are rotated in 3D Space
  • Design 3D Characters
  • Creativity, Confidence and Project based learning

3D Engineering Design

  • Please refer to FAQ for details.

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