5 myths busters that can change what you thought about technology learning!

1. Tech is indoors- who says?

Our classes include exciting options like Drone flying , racing cars, robotics fun, team building, science, photography. These are some of the many examples of outdoor activities that we're doing on a regular basis with kids

2. Tech is for loners - not at all!

Our robotics teams are proof of strong teamwork and leadership success. Students work together to achieve success and tackle robotic challenges and community outreach efforts year after year. They also get an opportunity to talk and present their innovations with the community, judges and subject matter experts which not only boosts their knowledge but takes their confidence through the roof!

3. Tech is for only kids who are good at math - what- No way!!

Tech is diverse it involves building, creativity, animation, 3D modeling.. there is something for everyone! Today technology is pushing the boundaries of creativity with films, cartoons, games, apps, fashion design and digital media. You create what you like while learning new and exciting things!

4. Tech is not for girls- absolutely wrong!

In fact girls in stem are more successful. It is because girls have the inherent ability to create, they have patience and creativity.. the traits that are needed for makings of a good engineer!

5. Tech is hard - well . .

Building, design, making games, drone flying, robot wars...it's the hardest fun you'll ever have!

...So what are you waiting for ? Get set go .. technology is the future.

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