COVID is wreaking havoc in India. India is in the midst of a severe second wave, a tsunami of covid cases.

In the past 30 days, the country has recorded 8.3 million cases. Since April 22, more than 300,000 cases have been added every day.


With hospitals scrabbling for beds and oxygen, Many people have died in ambulances and car parks waiting for a bed or oxygen, while morgues and crematoriums struggle to deal with a seemingly unstoppable flow of bodies.

Doctors and healthcare workers are working tirelessly, The healthcare system is cracking with deficits of oxygen supply and hospital beds. 

Our hearts go out to those suffering and without help, and we want to help.


We at Strem HQ tech Academy are pledging 100% of our revenue for Virtual camps in June 1-15, 2021 to helping those in need in India.

Please pre- register and be a part of this giving effort so we can help those in need timely.


Your registrations for Virtual camp COULD SAVE A LIFE OR TWO!

and as always your student will receive quality education!

 To be a part of this effort please make sure you are selecting the weeks of June 1-15.

**If you are an alum and want to donate with us, please consider volunteering to help run our camps .


Parents, if you simply want to give, or give more than just the camp fee- please contact us directly AT INFO@STREMHQ.COM


Where will we give - 

Gurudwara's ( Sikh temples) in India who are working tirelessly, cooking and sending free meals to sick families twice a day, in addition they are also doing what they call  "oxygen langar's" ( oxygen supply to the people in need) till they stabilize. The best part is they DO NOT turn any one away!

There are many Sikh temples through out India, we will give to Delhi's Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC)

You can read about how they are helping here 

If you have questions , you an always email us at

Thank you for all your support!